Race Details

Olympic — August 17

1500m swim | 40k bike | 10k run

Sprint — August 18

500m swim | 19k bike | 5k run

Crazy Back-to-Back AquaBike — August 17 & 18

1500m swim/500m swim | 40k bike/19k bike | 100 yard dash

Crazy Back-to-Back Triathlons — August 17 & 18

Compete in both Olympic and Sprint Races



5:30am Park opens
6:00am Registration opens (need USAT card and photo ID)
7:20am Transition area closes / National Anthem
7:21am Back 2 Back start, then women start – reverse age group order
~7:35am Men start in reverse age group order
~7:50am Relay Team racers start
~10:45am Awards for Sprint (Sunday)
~11:45am Awards for Olympic (Saturday)

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be on race morning as we continue our 'Green Efforts'. There may be an optional bib pick-up the Sunday before the race weekend. There will be registration areas for bib's 1-99, 100-199, 200-299, etc. Get body marked in the transition area and then head down to registration to show your photo ID and USAT card (if an annual member of USAT). This is a time trial start and when you actually start, is a bit flexible but we do start in bib order. Note that the time trial swim start (one at a time every 5 seconds) goes quite fast.

When picking up your bib, bike number and chip race morning, just enter the park on the right hand side and the park entrance rangers will waive you in so that you don't have to stop. Spectators in a car without a racer and bicycle will have to pay a $10 park entrance fee (or enter the park by foot from the subdivision from the south (Smoky Hill Rd exit off E-470) to avoid paying a park entrance fee.

Remember when picking up your bib, bike number and chip, you must bring your photo id to check in. That includes RACE MORNING. Every year, some people come expecting us to allow them to race without a photo id or their USAT card (if you are an annual USAT member). This will jeopardize our insurance and is a critical part of our race policy. Please bring photo id. You cannot pickup someone else's bib for the same reason.

Start Order

The starting order will be by bib number. A list of bib order numbers will be posted on this site by the Wednesday before the race.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is expected to be 67-73 degrees. If swimming in a wetsuit, please make sure it's a triathlon specific wet suit as they are faster and warmer. Other wetsuits hold too much water and weigh you down. 2006 and 2011 saw 73 degrees which is a bit warmer than normal. The water quality is of the highest caliber as this is Aurora's water supply and is piped in from the mountains. Thus it's cool temperature. Compare the visibility in Aurora Reservoir to other local reservoirs and you will see what we mean. :-)

Transition Area

Post race activities take place in the Longs Peak shelter at the park with the Transition Area just above in the main parking lot. There will be restrooms outside the transition area as well as near the Pikes Peak shelter. Please rack bicycles with the rear tire in the bike rack, otherwise your bike may fall over and tip other bicycles over. The transition area is closed to only racers and you must have your bib to get your bike out of transition after the race.

Family Support

Remember, there will only be meal service for racers or for spectators that pre-purchase additional meal tickets for $7.

Swim Course

The Sunday Sprint swim course is straight out 300 meters to farthest buoy, then makes a right turn to the finish beach. You will always keep the buoys (and Saturday a rope on your right). The Saturday Olympic goes out the same straight leg to the farthest buoy then makes a 180 degree turn, comes back to the starting beach (again, keeping the rope on your right at all times (which prevents head on collisions), exit the water, jog 5 feet around the rope starting point and then back out again a second time to the farthest buoy and this time make a right 90 degree turn into the finish beach. Check out our online maps page for more detailed info on the courses. Note: The map page has an interactive icon you can click to see an animated tour of the course.

Bike Course

The bike course will exit the park entrance road, then travel east on Quincy for 5 miles to the bike turnaround for the Sprint and 11 miles for the Olympic race. Please slow down before attempting the turn. At the bike turnaround you can obtain a sports water bottle. SLOWLY discard your old bottle in this area, off to the shoulder and SLOWLY stick your hand out for a replacement. DO NOT try to grab a water bottle at 20MPH. It just doesn't work. Also, do you know how bad a water bottle damages car body work (not to mention human bodies) at 20MPH. About $500 worth and they'll have your number. Really, SLOW down at the turnaround for everyone's sake. This is the most common area for a person to take a tumble on the bike.

Remember this is an open road course triathlon for the Olympic race and even though the course is closed to traffic for the Sprint on Sunday, that just means less traffic as the course is open to emergency, not all motorists will obey an officer at a race. I have often seen motorists who may not love bicyclists on the road, just pull out and drive through. I think they know the officer can't really chase them down, but that's why we have a spare motorcycle police officer out there.

You will see Arapahoe County officers on the course race day. Please obey all officers and race staff if motioned to stop. Failure to do so, will result in a DQ or a penalty. Please do not mount your bike until well clear of the Transition Area. When returning from your bike ride, SLOW DOWN coming down the road into the TA and dismount well before the entrance to the Transition Area.

Head on into the TA, drop off your bike (don't unclip your helmet until you are at your bike rack area, then exit the TZ at the same end you came in from after the swim. This ensures that everyone travels the same distance through the TZ. Note: These exits are clearly marked with large 13' tall signs.

Run Course

After changing into your running shoes, head on out the opposite end of the TZ that you came in from the bike and follow the cones a volunteers directions around the shelter area to the path out the south side of the shelter area and around the end of the reservoir. Volunteers will be directing you out the TZ. You will run out 1.55 miles for the Sprint, or 3 miles out for the Olympic, then back into the finish area.

There will be an aid station at the start of the run in the TZ area, then every mile on the run. The DJ will be playing great Rock-N-Roll (at least my favorite Rock-N-Roll). :-) Grab an ice cold bottle of water, then after resting a bit, grab your turkey or veggie bagel sandwich, chips, beverage and fresh fruit.

Timing Chip

Remember to have your timing chip on your ankle. No chip, no time. There are no manual methods available.

Swim to Bike Transition

Once you have completed the swim, just after you exit the beach and head up the concrete path to the bike transition zone in the parking lot, there will be two small wading pools that you can run through to rinse off your feet (note: There are thick rubber mats in the bottom so you don't slip). After the wading pool there will be an optional wet suit stripping area. If you want someone to finish taking your wetsuit off (remember no nudity), just pull it down to your waist, then flop down on your back, stick your legs up in the air and they'll pull it right off and hand it back to you.

You will follow the cones marking the path up the sidewalk from the beach exit to the TZ area. There will also be volunteers cheering you on. Remember to BUCKLE your helmet before exiting the TZ to the north while either running or walking your bike out the transition zone. Do not mount your bike until well outside the Transition Area. When returning to the TZ for the run, you MUST DISMOUNT YOUR BIKE before entering the Transition Area. There will be one aid station on the bike at the turnaround which is 5.5 miles east on Quincy for the sprint, or 11 miles east for the Olympic race. If you want a water bottle handed to you, then SLOW DOWN. Also, dispose of any trash or used water bottles at the turn around at the soccer net. Tossing used water bottles or litter anywhere else on the course is a penalty and will be strictly enforced (several races have had permits cancelled due to litter on the course so please help us keep our permit).

Once you have finished the bike, you will rack your bike (rear wheel first), then exit the north side of the TZ (same side you came in from the swim on). This ensures that everyone travels the same distance through the TZ. This also means that all bike rack slots are almost exactly the same regarding best position. There will be no bad spots in the TZ.

The run course will take you on a path out the south side of the park, around the reservoir for 1.55 miles for the Sprint or 3.1 miles for the Olympic, then back to the finish, retracing the same path. There will be an aid stations every mile on the run with water and powder mixed Gatorade which mixed at 4/5th strength. There will be gel packets available at the run turnaround. Drink plenty of water on both the bike and run course (as well as the night before). It could be hot and if you get thirsty, it's too late to prevent dehydration. Drink early and often. Note: even if it rains, you still need plenty of water as that just makes you feel cool.


Racers will be starting in the Back 2 Back category with other Back 2 Back racers, and the only difference is that after their swim and bike, they run 100 yards to the finish, not the 10k or 5k run.

Relay Teams

Racers will have the swimmer enter into Transition, where they place the timing chip on the cyclist, who then completes the cycle portion, then upon re-entry into Transition, the runner places the timing chip on their ankle and heads out for the run. There is not a special zone for this, so the chip transfer just occurs wherever they have the bike gear on the rack as we use open rack slots. First come, first choice but all paths through transition have the same distance to travel so all the spots are just as good as another. But do remember to count where your bike is located in the rack - for example, 3 rows up, and five racks to the left from the Swim In flag.

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